Why you need to pay attention to what you focus on online

Ever found yourself sharing a meme of someone in a less than favourable riding moment?

Caught yourself pouring over a video of someone in a tricky position? I know, it’s everywhere!

In this blog, I chatter about why you need to be selective about what you feast your eyeballs on online!

xx Jane

Keeping yourself safe and happy with your horse

You may have seen my posts about a training clinic that I attended with my lovely horse Dee on Facebook- did I mention how much I love him? Anyway! Ellie O’Brien from Finesse Equestrian Training hosted the clinic, and I sat down with her to have a chat about something we are both passionate about- how to keep yourself safe and happy with your horses.

I hope you enjoy it, we would love to know your thoughts! xx Jane

The links mentioned in the video:

Finesse Equestrian: www.finesse-equestrian.com

JoyRide: www.confidentrider.club