Where Is The Point That You Stop Yourself?

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Where is the point that you stop yourself?

At what stage does the self-consciousness arise?

What is the thing that you don’t allow yourself to do?

What is the line that you don’t cross, not because you can’t or shouldn’t, but because at some point you told yourself that wasn’t for you to “go to that place”?

What are the words you don’t let yourself write?

At what stage of the dance do you stop?

When does your voice get stuck and why?

What are the ways you have trained yourself into smallness?

When we talk about being able to access energy around our horses, what we are really talking about is channeling vitality and aliveness.

So, if we step back, it’s interesting to notice…

When do we take our creative and vital energy and halt its flow?

As we feel an opening, an expansion, at what point do we allow the contraction to shut it down?

And as we feel into that transition, how does it show up in our body?

Where does the block make itself known? And what is the story that supports it?

Get to intimately know the answers to these questions.

These are the places where the deep pools of aliveness wait.

Where we can learn to gently massage the edges of our resistance to release the stuck points and let power and vitality flow.

These are the questions that I want to know the answer to.

To trust in your own aliveness, in your own ability to sustain and be sustained – there are times when there is no greater act of defiance.” ― Jessica Fechtor


❤️ Jane


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