{Video} Do You Trust Your Horse? A Bigger Conversation

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The other day I was participating in a Facebook thread around nerves and anxiety, and one of the commenters asked if the person in question trusted her horse. She elaborated from that place to say that if she didn’t trust her horse, then it was no wonder that she felt concerned, and that establishing that trust was the obvious place to begin.

To me, the topic of trust is a much more complex one. As humans, we treat trust as a very black and white issue. We either have it or we don’t, and the only other place we might find ourselves in is the middle ground where we are undecided.

For horses, however, the issue of trust is much more dynamic. To them, trust is demonstrated through a constant, dynamic, and ever attended to conversation.

To them, trust is the place they land it when their needs for safety are being met in the present.

I thought it worthy of further musings, which is why I chose it as the topic du jour to consider now.

What is your definition of trust? What does it take for you to extend it?

What is it like to receive it?


❤️ Jane



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