Time Spent or Time Invested?

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Time spent or time invested? How do you look at it?

If we think of our time with our horses as being spent, we are operating from a loss framework, where time in means time gone.

If you’ve ever exclaimed, ‘I’ve been out here for an hour already and it’s still not working!’

… then this is the dance you’re jiving to.

Expectations, time delineated results and instant gratification all live under this umbrella.

Time invested, on the other hand, recognises that partnership arises off the back of compounded experience. I may not see the product of my hours invested immediately- or even after many weeks or months- but I understand that how I show up and how often I show up are placing cumulative deposits in the relationship bank, and with enough commitment, the fruits of that investment will make itself known to me.

Invested or spent?

Which perspective are you choosing?

❤️ Jane

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