The Level of Tension Prior Determines The Level of Tension After

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When I was thinking about what to write this morning, I glanced down at my notes and saw the words ‘the level of tension after is directly related to the level of tension prior’. This, in turn, reminded me of another phrase which trots along with me in my mental library of helpful sayings and that is, add power to tension and you just get more tension.
Ain’t that the truth.
Earlier in the week, I wrote about embracing power and forward when riding, but within that, there are two very distinct categories that are important to pay attention to:
1. Power and forward with relaxation
2. Power and forward without relaxation
The feeling of the first is sublime. The feeling of the second not so much.
Adding energy to any sort of resistance only magnifies the resistance. If you are riding and feel imbalance, brace or tension, asking for “more” within that only magnifies what you are already experiencing.
I love how this principle directly correlates to navigating our own internal resistance. If you feel anxious or afraid, asking for more in that moment only causes the feelings to intensify.
Instead, we need to look at our beginnings. Is the start point we are transitioning from relaxed?
Taking time at the start allows for what follows to have a strong foundation.
If we feel the rise of tension, how can we return to balance?
Adding power increases the resistance. Resetting, rebalancing, repositioning allows for harmony to be restored.
Dropping back in order to be able to accelerate forward.
How can I begin from a place of relaxation?
How do I return to it when it is lost?
❤️ Jane
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