Movement As An Expression Of Your Inherent Wildness

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I realized not that long ago that most of the activity that I do was pretty neat and orderly. I didn’t allow myself- at least not very often- to follow the instinct of my body in terms of what felt good and allow myself to be wild and uncontained in how I let it move. These days, I consider movement to be a re-wilding process, a process of making friends with energy and activation as much as it is about settling and soothing.

Letting your body drive the movement, rather than the mind, is a great practice for getting more intimate with the Itty Bitty Shitty Committee, or the inner critic. As you begin the process of de-inhibition, you notice the agreements you’ve made with the world and with yourself about what’s ok and what’s not, even to the extent of moving your body in a way that doesn’t conform to a linear pattern or process.

It’s no great surprise that if we find difficulty in allowing for natural expression in movement when left to our own devices, that we find it infinitely more challenging when coupling with such a magnificent creature as the horse whose freedom and depth of spirit is continually expressed through their physicality.

Are you using movement to control, conform and contain, or do you allow, at least in part, for movement to be used as a natural expression of your inherent wildness?

❤️ Jane

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