Listening, Feeling & Communication with Kerri Lake

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I am SO looking forward to you listening to this episode! Not only is Kerri Lake the author of one of my favourite books, Listen Like a Horse, but hearing her words is like plucking jewels out of the ocean; full of learnings and understanding of horses and humans alike that I think you will find enriching and transformational.

In this episode we discuss ways to develop your sensory awareness, what our horses are communicating to us through feeling and expression and ways to develop relationships with compassion, kindness and acceptance.

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You can find Kerri in the following places:


Listen Like a Horse (
Generation of Harmony (

2 thoughts on “Listening, Feeling & Communication with Kerri Lake

  1. Oh oh, autocorrect strikes again…it was supposed to say, and can you please publish this comment rather than the first one:,
    “Thank you! One of my many favourites among your podcasts! What was the name of the person Kerri referred to toward the end, before Alchemy of lightness was mentioned?

  2. Thank you so much Virve! Was it Charles De Kunffy? I think that’s who we mentioned ?xx Jane

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