Energy, The Mystical & The Magical with Denise Elizabeth Byron & Kathy Price

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It’s a party people! A few weeks back, I had the hankering to have a pod conversation talking about energy, the mystical and the magical, and the two people who immediately sprang to mind were Denise Elizabeth Byron and Kathy Price.

Denise I have known for a few years now, meeting her for the first time when I went to stay with Robyn Schiller and skipping along to an astrology session that blew my mind. After that, we all convened at the chocolate shop in town and well… if there’s a better way to cement a friendship, I’m not sure I’ve found it yet.

If you are yet to be introduced, Denise is a psychic, visionary guide, and mentor with over 30 years’ experience, using astrological patterns to illuminate each client’s unique pathway to embody the magic of their life purpose more confidently.

And if you’ve been around the tracks on my podcast for any amount of time, you will already be acquainted with the fabulousness that is Kathy Price- what would this conversation be without her! Kathy’s business is called Point of Balance, and she has been studying and researching the world of energetic modalities for a number of years now.

The aim of Kathy’s work is to help human and animal systems that she’s working with, whichever of those applies to find its own unique point of balance and to help itself come back into health and vitality on every level, be that physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

Over the course of our conversation we cover:

  •     Their different approaches to working with people, the tangible aspects of energetic connection and how information “shows up”
  •     Parsing apart “what is mine and what is yours” when working with energy
  •     Allowing time for creative expression, rest and rejuvenation

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

You can find Denise here:

You can find Kathy here:

❤️ Jane


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