Barbra Schulte: On Performance, Loss & Love

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There are so many ways to introduce Barbra Schulte. You could start with the incredible work she does coaching riders, helping them develop mental strategies to get the best out of themselves and their horses. Or you could talk about her many outstanding accolades in the cutting horse arena, including her induction in the National Cowgirl Hall of Fame in 2012. But what I love most about Barbra is the warmth, love and kindness she exudes and the way she’s shows up in the world. Beyond everything, that is what impresses me the most.

I was fortunate to meet Barbra relatively recently, at the Journey On Podcast Summit in November of 2022. Listening to her talk, and then later having conversations with her, I instantly fell in love. I was so thrilled to have her agree to come on the podcast because there were things I wanted to talk about with her that extended beyond her work, her horses and what she teaches.

I wanted to hear more about the behind the scenes of her life, about her beautiful son Zane and their story, and what made her tick.

Over the course of our conversation we discuss:

  • Her life growing up with horses, her discovery of the Human Performance Institute and the impact that had on her life and work
  • Her son Zane, the impact of his life and death, and her journey with the experience of grief
  • Navigating life with trust and love

I hope you enjoy listening to this conversation as much as I enjoyed having it.

❤️ Jane

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