Constant, Glorious Failure

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If I have the belief that there is a right way to do something, I’ve eliminated all possibilities for learning.

My quest for “right-ness” can only ever be based on comparatives; we compare this action we are taking or want to take with an action we have taken in the past OR we compare that same action to the action or idea of someone or something else.

In both of those situations, my brain is no longer responding to present moment sensory input; instead, I’m responding to input, sensation, and experience that lives in the past. I am now in my head and out of my body.

From this place, I can only operate reflexively.

Simply put, the brain learns everything in movement, through the process of trial and error. If I only ever do something in a controlled way or “correctly”, I can never learn new motor patterning.

Learning occurs when we are responding to real-time sensory information and allowing the body to choose the most adaptive response to what is happening. I have an intention that I allow to express through my body, and I observe the response as and when it is happening.

The outcome is neither good nor bad; it just is what it is. And I try a new action, a new process based on the feedback it gives me.

Let go of the idea of “right-ness”. It can only ever exist as something that came before.


❤️ Jane

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