Connection, Emotional Flow & Training with Kindness

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A big question I used to muse on a lot:

How do you know how far to take things in training? How do you know when to push through, and when to hold back?

The answer exists in the connection. The moment you lose the mental and emotional connection with your horse, and even before that, the connection with yourself, is the moment you’ve gone too far.

In this episode, I talk about this and so much more including:

⭐️ How to recognise the difference between pre-patterned emotion and emotion that’s true for the moment (so you don’t go to war with yourself)
⭐️ Training with kindness (training yourself that is!)
⭐️ Moving out of your head and into your heart

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❤️ Jane

4 thoughts on “Connection, Emotional Flow & Training with Kindness

  1. This podcast is awesome ?

    I have recently come to a place of feeling totally defeated by a rescue horse I have had in my care for over a year.
    Ricky is the second horse, in my over 40 year history with horses, I have not been able to connect with.

    My recourse was to humanely euthanize him because he is so not safe or return him to his former owner. I chose the latter and Ricky will be a pasture babysitter for young horses.

    I am reeling with self doubt and a sense of failure…?

    Thank you, Jane

  2. Wow, i love the idea of “staying connected” – to oneself and to one’s horse – as a guiding principle of training/playing! And especially of using that idea when i am pushing my/her/ our boundaries of “comfort”. Such a simple, but profound, guide to the “adventure forward “. (I think you said that??) I’m going to TAKE it anyway, i love that expression too ( ha ha slightly ironic, since “forward ” is one of my most hated words in the horse scene, as ” more f#wd was used as a mindless mantra by somebody to whom i listened ( feeling confused and frustrated) for too long!)
    Can’t wait to play with the connection with my beautiful little mare tomorrow!

  3. Thank you Sharon ❤️ Be kind to yourself. If your intention is to facilitate happy lives for horses, it sounds like Ricky is in a great place, and is no doubt better for the time you were together xx

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