Choose Your Hard – There is No Quick Fix

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The thing with much of what I’m teaching now is that it’s not really a quick fix. I’m cool with that. I’m not sure anything that lasts is.

There are definitely things that bring relief- temporary or even slightly longer- but to really get to the good stuff, you have to fossick around a bit and you actually have to commit and work at things.

That’s the reality.

When people ping me their questions via email or messenger, I talk to them about my process and I tell them the thoughts and methodologies behind why I do what I do. And sometimes, people respond, well, that sounds kinda hard.

“Hard” in and of itself is very subjective, but I always think, well, isn’t everything.

You have to pick the right kind of hard for you.

Doing the work to unravel patterns of behavior, change things up or get yourself in a position where you are more responsive and adaptive to what life throws at you does take something.

That might seem hard, but what seems way harder to me is the opposite; getting buffeted around by emotions and patterns that make you feel like you have no control over your experience.

At the end of the day, you have to choose your hard.

Training your horse requires commitment, patience, and even when we love it, can be hard.

Training yourself calls for the same.

And as much as we like to complicate it, what’s required is simple. Learning, applying, observing, noticing, adjusting, repeating. At the base of it, that’s all we are required to do.

So, we have to pick the right kind of hard for us. The one we are in control of. The right kind of hard for you.


❤️ Jane


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