Being Comfortable Is Not The Goal

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You know what can be helpful to realise? You can’t and shouldn’t seek to be relieved of your humanity.

And being human means that you will respond to your environment and circumstances in a myriad of different ways.

Many of us are operating on the false premise that comfort somehow is the goal, and if we are uncomfortable, that this indicates a moment in time that we should work to move past in our efforts to get back to being comfortable.

This ideal creates a lot of stress and false hope. Instead, what I believe we are searching for is responsiveness; a state of being that allows us to be alert when necessary but also relax when we are safe. This means we aren’t holding something that isn’t true for the moment, or out of sync with the situation we find ourselves in and instead, allows us to be in flow with our experience.

Embracing discomfort doesn’t mean that you are destined to a life of hardship, but the paradox is that trying to avoid it is as uncomfortable as being in it.

Increasing our capacity for discomfort instead asks us to realise that it’s possible for two different states of being to exist simultaneously. That if I feel tightness somewhere, that lightness will also exist if I open my field of awareness. That every moment I find myself is a blend of many different possibilities all present at the same time, and that allowing myself to oscillate between the what might feel hard and what might feel less hard within the same experience is what expands my capacity to sit with both.


❤️ Jane

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