5 Things To Practice Outside Of The Saddle To Transform Your Time In It

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Aye kaboosh! What’re the feels out there currently? From where I sit, it’s certainly a mixed bag. One thing I do know is that we need to be even more intentional than usual in looking after our own sanity and wellness so we can ride out the waves as easefully as possible.

The other thing? Whether or not you are able to hang with your horse currently or not, many of us have a niggling voice in the back of our minds telling us to hold onto our horsey plans by whatever means possible (even if that’s in a drastically modified form!).

The beauty of the kind of work I do is that I work with what I call transferable practices. This means that you can apply the principles that I teach in your riding and your day to day life circumstances… which also means you can practice your mindset for the saddle in your everyday life too.

A lot of what is happening right now is emotional amplification, meaning that if you are familiar with operating from a baseline that includes a certain amount of anxiety, concern or worry, those tendencies are going to be magnified now. The good news is that getting on board with what you can do to manage that (and be kind to yourself in the process) means that when you step foot in the arena next, you are going to be in an all-round better position to manage yourself for the sake of your horse (and yourself, obviously). It’s a total win-win.

So in this episode, we expand and chatter more about that. Five transferable practices that you can utilize and get better at wherever you find yourself sitting or standing now that will strengthen your mental and emotional muscles when you’re out there with your horse.

Happy listening!


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