On Grief.

A few days ago, I wrote how I lost my precious yearling Bear. Since that time, I have adventured through the depths of my own grief to see if I might find a jewell at the bottom of what can seem like a very dark well.

For a while now, it’s been obvious to me how little we discuss death and dying in my culture. How “bad” we are at it.

And so in some small way, I wanted to share my thoughts in an attempt to swim against that tide. And in the hope that in doing so, I could more easily touch on the beauty wrapped up in the loss.

The following are recordings of two live videos I recorded on Facebook; the first the day after my horse passed away, and the second a couple of days after that.

It is my hope that in some small way, they will help someone going through the own grief and allow us to, as individuals, start to include death in the conversation that is life.

Much love,

❤️ Jane

Video One: Some Imperfect Thoughts On Grief

{You can also find this video on Facebook– the comments may help you feel less alone on this journey}

Video Two: 

Let’s start with…

  1. Thank you
  2. What’s the invitation?
  3. Restoring vitality as an act of everyday activism

{Link to video on Facebook if reading the comments are of interest}

Tending To Your Own Vitality With Fierce Dedication Is A Form Of Everyday Activism

The word vitality stems from beautiful origins. It’s born from the latin word “vitalis”, which translates to “of or manifesting life” or “belonging to life”.

As part of our birthright, all of us hold the vibration of a vital essence. If we described someone as full of vitality, what is it we see?

We see the visible flow of life moving through them, making itself known as energy, passion, a vibrancy of spirit, both physically, mentally, and spiritually.

We see evidence of their heart smiling on the surface of their skin.

They seem… alive. Which, by default means when we lack vitality, we lack aliveness.

When we are vital, as the origin of the word suggest, we recognize we are of life, and creating life all at the same time. We recognize our connection.

We understand ourselves to be both created- of the world and connected to it- and creative- having the capacity to birth ideas and to grow and nurture them.

A system with vitality is a system that is adaptable. It has energy to expend because doing so does not lead to depletion. The resources are there to be used.

Which is why, tending to your strong and gentle self- physically, mentally, and emotionally- and following the things that you love…. These things need to be your highest priority.

Without a sense of your own vitality, you cannot be present in situations that require more of you.

You cannot be part of bigger global conversations.

And you cannot be a part of conversations with people or things you love who require strength and support.

Which is why tending to your own vitality is an action of everyday activism.

Tending to your own vitality gifts you with the capacity to be present in the midst of discomfort.

It allows to be able to turn towards it, instead of away from it.

It allows you to tend to what you love in order that you see and experience more of it.

If you haven’t been taking your own wellbeing seriously, now is the time to start.


♥️ Jane