How Do You Define Threshold? How Do You Know If You’re Over Or Under Yours?

Thresholds. It’s a word that we hear a lot applied to both horses and humans.

How do you define threshold?

And what markers are you looking for to determine if you (or your horse) are under threshold? Or over it?

This video snippet is from Stable Hours, the live Q&A session we hold every week in my membership program, JoyRide. The conversation around threshold is, in my experience an interesting one, because we often use highly subjective interpretations of threshold based on feelings of comfort (or discomfort).

In my program, we discuss how to recognize the fight flight or survival nervous system response of the body based on structural indicators rather than subjective interpretations of what we *think* is happening in our body. As we move into a sympathetic response, the structure and biomechanics of our body starts to shift. When we can recognize these shifts, we can start to decouple our thoughts about stress, capacity and being in overload from the reality of where our nervous system is sitting. A liberating and eye-opening experience.

In this video, we discuss thresholds and how having a fixed plan broken into baby steps can hinder rather than help progress.


❤️ Jane


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