The Sovereignty of Being Sensitive

I’ve got to reading another book recently called The Electricity Of Every Living Thing. It’s by Katherine May- you might remember a couple of posts ago I referred to another book of hers called Wintering. Well, the other night I was all in a huff whilst suffering from a book hangover (that horrible feeling when you’ve just finished reading something really super fabulous and then you enter a period of mourning on the final page) when my Kindle read my mind and said, seeing as though you have read this (cue the book Wintering), we think you might like this.

Because I’m easy as 1,2,3 when it comes to being convinced of a good book (and in my defense, having a book hangover puts you in a vulnerable position) I clicked buy and went on my merry book-guzzling way.

Over the course of our time together, Katherine describes her bubble. She describes how she feels other people as a form of electricity, and as a child, even saw people’s moods as different colors. At one point, she went to see a meditation teacher who told her that her aura filled the whole room (she finds these types of descriptions repellant for the most part), but then he went on to say that her need for personal space was “Queenly”; that she would be able to feel immediately when someone broached her zone.

In her words, it was the first time anyone had described her sensitivities as something to be respected. As Queenly. As a gift.

She then said:

Imagine if, instead (of ignoring people’s needs), it was considered a basic politeness to observe other people’s responses to our social overtures, and adjust accordingly. Imagine if we accepted that there are a whole range of personalities out there and that one size does not fit all”.

I loved this. I’m sure Katherine never dreamed of her considerations being likened to horse behavior, but in my head, that’s what I’ve done.

Imagine, if for ourselves and our horses, their need, our need for space, was seen a Queenly and Kingly need. One of sovereignty. And if we, ourselves, saw it as such, how it would change our perception of the world.


❤️ Jane

p.s. My friend Em made me this crown. I thought it deserved its own Queenly moment.