The Comparison Trap

Who’s had a chance to listen to this week’s podcast?

I’ve plucked this quote out of the conversation because whether or not the actual subject matter is relevant for you right now- bringing your horse back into work after a break- this particular part certainly is.

Here it is for you:

As soon as we move into comparison (be that comparing one experience to the next, or our experience to someone else’s) we activate our sympathetic nervous system. As soon as we invest in the story and the labels instead of the experience in real-time, we activate our sympathetic nervous system.

How so?

Well, all of the above require that we reach into our emotional brain. Our emotional brain can only ever make sense of things based on past experiences- in our search to understand this moment, we seek out experiences that are similar or hold a likeness from the past.

Every thought and emotion that we experience has a motor pattern attached to it. Consequently, as soon as we move our attention away from observation and into a thought or experience from the past, we activate the same motor pattern attached to it.

Sympathetic responses are reflexive responses. Investing in the story or comparison pulls us out of the ability to pattern a new response.

With that in mind, how often do you find yourself buying into the story? And as you move throughout your day, how often do fall into the comparison trap?

Observe yourself over the next 24 hours and see what comes up.

Did you listen to the podcast? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

❤️ Jane