The Art of Micro-dosing

Micro-dosing is my new favourite word.

I don’t use it in relation to medication. Instead, I think of micro-dosing as a means to increase vitality and resilience and as a way to learn to stay with uncomfortable experience before it grows bigger than the edges of your skin.

If you find something challenging, micro-dose.

Before you push that emotion to the side; before you distract yourself or engage in the activity that pulls you out of the repair… learn to notice how your body responds as it edges towards threshold.

What are your patterns? Where does your mind and body take you?

And are you able to stay with it- to give more space to the feeling, to allow for it, to stay grounded in the midst of it- so you stay with it long enough to experience the transformation on the other side of it?

And if you need to leave- to move away from what is happening, physically, emotionally or both- can you do so with consciousness and connection, rather than in haste?

Moving away from habitual self-abandonment and instead inviting responsiveness.


❤️ Jane