What Are We Releasing Into?

There’s a lot of discussion around relaxing and releasing tension- but not so much about what we are releasing into. The fact is that tension is held in the body, heart and mind for a reason- it’s protective- and in order for that to be released, there needs to be a container of support that allows that unfolding to occur.

Safety is the first pre-requisite. If we think of tension as a form of holding and contracting then releasing requires the understanding that there are resources that can be drawn on that can safely hold what comes up when we let go.

Containment is the second. If we think of relaxing and releasing as expanding and opening then doing so requires that we have enough of a safety net to break the free fall and ensure we are adequately supported.

Before seeking release yourself or before asking it of your horse ask, for what purpose is this tension being held?

And am I creating the circumstances that make releasing it the more attractive option?


❤️ Jane