How You Feel About Your Body Is Learned

How about this?

How you feel about your body is learned.

Those parts that you don’t like?

You learned to think of them that way.

Those parts that you desperately wish you could change?

You learned that too.

That thing you never let yourself wear because it highlights (or lowlights) something that you think is better hidden away?

Yup. You learned that.

Let’s go deeper.

That emotion you feel sometimes that’s embarrassing or shameful?

You learned that.

That thing you stop yourself doing because what if you fail or can’t hold it together?

Yup, another thing you were taught.

The apologies you make for tears. The way you try to hide what you feel. Compartmentalize emotions. That mask you put on? for yourself, your horse, the world.

It’s just something you were taught to do.

It’s all learned.

It’s all exhausting.

What we deem unacceptable, ugly, not ok—- what if that was just stuff we’d been taught?

What we learn we can unlearn.

What we think we can change.

What we believe is always open for discussion.


❤️ Jane