In The Beginning, A Dream Is a Fragile Thing…

In the beginning, a dream is a fragile thing. When it’s felt in your belly and makes itself known in your mind, it can feel invincible, but as its silvery wings creep out into the world, you realize that your dream can be easily damaged, or at worst, completely destroyed.

As you hand your dream over for someone else to look at, you notice that not everyone takes care of it with the same love you intended.

Some people have clumsy fingers that damage its wings and make it much more difficult for it to fly.

Some people haven’t yet mastered the art of being still enough to listen, and so the whispers of your dream get drowned out and aren’t properly heard.

Some people don’t notice that you have gifted them with your dream to hold for a moment, and they accidentally drop it.

None of this is purposeful. A dream is a delicate thing and its only real guardianship belongs to the person from whom it came.

So, in the early stages, give your dream time to grow, and be careful who you share it with.

Only hand it to those with delicate fingers, listening ears, and an appreciation of what is being offered.

And if that person is yet to make themselves known, it doesn’t mean your dream isn’t real, or unimportant.

It just means it’s yours alone to care for a little bit longer.

❤️ Jane