A Mash Up Session: On Comfort Not Being The Goal, The Joy Of Movement & Grounding In The Midst Of Social Pressure

So as it goes, I had a very specific idea in mind for what I was going to talk about in this week’s episode, but as soon as I hit record, something very different came out! When it came time to give it an actual title, the only thing I could think of was, well, it’s kind of a mash-up of a few different things so I’ve decided to roll with exactly that- a combination episode of a few different things all rolled into one!

Here’s a brief snapshot…

⭐️ The role of social and systemic frameworks and their influence on us “doing the work”

Let me unpack that a little bit more now…

Something I’ve become more and more aware of is how the structural and social frameworks that we are a part of cannot be discounted when we are involving ourselves in any kind of self-development work. We are fed this idea that if we have concerns, anxieties, or things aren’t going the way that we would like them too that doing the inner work is both the start and endpoint to our “problems”. Naturally, taking care of our “stuff” is super important and developing the resilience, tools, and self-awareness to be able to show up in the world in a way that aligns with what’s important to you is the foundational piece. However, changing things up on a personal level, unfortunately, doesn’t necessarily mean that the world shapeshifts to support you; it’s important to understand that kickback and resistance are in some instances inevitable, especially where there is structural and social inequity. If we aren’t aware of this essential piece, it’s easy to internalize the sharp edges you come up against as a failure on your part, and it’s this misunderstanding that prevents us from truly stepping into our own power.

⭐️ Why comfort isn’t the goal (I go into this one in quite a lot of detail!)

⭐️ The joy of movement and the role of movement-based practices in my work

I hope you enjoy it, happy listening!

❤️ Jane