You are a MindBody

A message pinged into my inbox:

“Can you tell me more about the mind-body connection? I don’t feel very connected to my body at all.”

I think for a moment and want to reply:

It’s much more than a connection. A connection implies the possibility of separateness, and that is never the case.

You are a bodymind. A mindbody.

A swirling of thought, feeling and sensation that forms its own universe and can never be severed.

The system can, however, be disrupted, taking you out of conscious relationship with all of your parts.

Life kicking your arse- or so it feels- and pinching the line that connects you to your life force, your vitality, and sense of wonderment.

Then we move out of our hearts, get stuck in our heads, and begin to operate within a narrow window of okay-ness that keeps us fixed to the spot and at times, makes us feel like we need to abandon ourselves.

The work I am constantly engaged in- both personally and professionally- is all about re-igniting that conscious relationship with ourselves. Of resourcing ourselves to stay within and keep returning to our window of presence in the moments we feel that the emotion or experience might be getting bigger than us.

How can I increase my capacity to hold this moment?

And, how can I connect with my horse to increase his ability to do the same?


❤️ Jane