Showing Up As Your SuperPower

Showing up is one of the lesser talked about and seldom celebrated superpowers. And consistently showing up- making your way out to the arena, stables, or paddock- day in and day out requires that we let go of much of what we *think* we need and who we *think* we need to be in order to be effective and compassionate riders and horse people.

Showing up for me involves embracing the reality that I am not a project to be fixed, that how I feel on any given day is not right or wrong, and there is no ideal circumstance that has to exist in order for me to be present.

The same is true for my horse.

Showing up and being consistent simply asks that I meet myself in the moment. Then I recognize the complex messiness of being human and do not try to squeeze myself in a box of perfection that neither I nor anyone else is ever going to fit.

Instead, I ask, what is it that I need right now? What it is that my horse needs right now? And how can we meet the energy of the moment in a way that orients us towards growth? How do we meet this moment from a place of expansion?

And how do we let go of any idea that the start point could be any more perfect than where we find ourselves right now?

Consistently showing up means living with less perfection


❤️ Jane

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