Beauty As The Measure Of Goodness

I first cast my eyes over these words many years ago and for me, it is one of the yardsticks of training; that the measure of good training shows up in the body of the horse. Train well, and their beauty should increase. I love that we can ask, is what we are doing together causing you to be more beautiful even than you were before?

Beauty as the measure of goodness. Of heading in the right direction. As a prescription for horsemanship.

As I sat with the idea of beauty, I thought about what I had learned this year. If today’s theme is beauty, then you should write a poem, I tell myself.

But, I reply, what if my poem isn’t beautiful?

Ahh, I counter back. The beauty is not in the product but in the process.

Wishing you a day of beauty.


As the many days before fade into abstract,
I learned
That difficulty is not dissolved with courageous attempts to step with cheerfulness,

Or in closing the door containing the deep exhales of our secrets
Which whisper to us

With the seasonal invitation of emotion
And experience,
A beautiful and difficult necessity.

With the fierce wave
Without holding it
Or asking it to move on.

In its full weight
As the only means to lightness.

as you sit with friends
and strangers
that sleep within the same heart.

❤️ Jane