On Shaking Things Up…

I’ve set my space up to allow me to insert as many moments of movement into the day as possible. One of my favourite things that I own is this mini-trampoline. If my thoughts are stuck; if my body feels lethargic; if I’ve had a response to something that taken me out of centre, I’ll often leap on and jump around for a minute or two.

We talk a lot about calming down when we are feeling a little too “up”, but not so much about the need to invite activation and energy into the body when we are feeling a little flat. Motivation, momentum, creativity, presence, all require a spark, and it’s easy for that spark to be put out if we are sitting for long periods or have been inactive to the point where our energy follows gravity and becomes a heavy weight pooling in our cells.

Many times, the energy is there, it just needs a little something something to literally and metaphorically shake things up. Call it Chi, prana, life force, life energy. You gotta stir the pot sometimes.

❤️ Jane