On Those Boots…

A non-horsey friend came over the other day and said to me, Jane, what are those boots that you have standing near the end of your bed?

I wanted to reply, THOSE boots? Whilst waving my arms around with wild abandon.

You mean, those glorious patent boots that gently catch the sunlight so you are fiercely and firmly reminded on their awesomeness?

You mean the boots that I bought second hand off a friend but couldn’t try on before I bought them, therefore taking a wild risk, only to have them FIT prompting a manic happy dance in the kitchen?

But instead I said, oh, they are my riding boots, dampening the protective flutter within.

She looked at me and I realised how a pair of patent long boots sitting at the end of your bed might look to someone out of the context to which they were meant.

Which led me to coin the phrase, “Contextually Fabulous”.

I get it I said, but THOSE boots are Contextually Fabulous. OUT of context, I appreciate the confusion (and possible stories one could create around them), but none the less, on the back of a horse…

Contextually Fabulous.

More tea anyone?

❤️ Jane