Staying Open To The Pockets Of Mystery

The night before last, my little boys and I all dived into the outside bath and spent a good 90 minutes star gazing. It’s become somewhat of a family tradition to try and spot the International Space Station and I knew that there were a mass of satellites circulating currently that I hoped we would be able to see. As we were lying there, staring up, I was asked so many questions that I couldn’t answer. And at one point, I thought to myself, I like not knowing the answer. I like that probably no-one in the world right now knows the answers to some of the questions about far off galaxies and space and the universe that I am being asked right now. That space of not-knowing is where the magic and the miracles live. I’m not sure we rest in that space enough.

In the field of horses and humans, there is so much knowledge around. We know about the nervous system, training systems, methods of managing our focus, for keeping well, of balancing our nutrition. There is so much that we DO know. But we are also more than systems and reactions and programmed responses and the current torch holders of our genetics. We too, our horses too, hold mystery and magic. We are complex and convoluted. We aren’t boxed formulas and we should never be treated or treat them as such.

So, while it’s important to understand and be fascinated by the reasons why, and how the systems work and why you do this or they do that, make room for the space between also. There are no straight lines. Only circle and spirals and pockets of mystery that we may not understand but holds everything together.


❤️ Jane