Caring Less What Other People Think Doesn’t Mean Caring Less

I was walking back from feeding the horses last night and I suddenly had this acute awareness that I am caring less and less what other people think. I’ve had a couple of experiences of standing my ground of late where I noticed, reflecting back, that I didn’t apologise for my position, attempt to minimize it, or feel bad about it, which I would have done in the past. It just… was. And I felt strong in that.

And then, for some reason, the words popped into my head:

Not caring what other people think doesn’t mean that you don’t care about other people. It just means that your actions reflect your feelings and thoughts and you are unapologetic about it being the case. It’s not about anyone else; it’s about you.

The words “not caring what other people think” has always sat awkwardly with me, but I realise now that I had confused them with not caring full stop. A hardline approach. I now understand that allowing yourself to move in that way is actually the highest form of reverence, both for yourself, and anyone else involved in the exchange.

It means that I care enough to show you my true thoughts on this matter. About myself and about you, for me and for you. Beyond that, we are building houses with matchsticks.


❤️ Jane