Anger: The Essential Fire

Anger has a bad reputation and frankly, I’m bored with it. So many of us have been trained out of our anger. Trained out of the essential energy that gives us a backbone. Trained out of the zest that lets us feel a level of intensity in our body that commands that we hold our ground, be taken seriously, are not available to be pushed around, or talked out of what our instinct and intuition are telling us.

We are told countless times that it is not appropriate to be angry. That our fierceness has no place. That it is unkind. Uncalled for.

We confuse anger with abuse. With violence. With causing harm.

But it is none of those things.

Anger is fire. It’s activation. It’s power.

It’s a state of being that says,

I am not available to be treated that way.

I do not agree with that.

That says,

Here is the space I am holding, and it is mine to hold.

Anger is the warrior.

It’s the uprising of breath that assumes the

Posture of integrity and dignity and says

Come on, let’s do this.

We are no available to be made small


That does not sit right with me.

Anger is an essential uprising if we can learn to hold its fire.

We need more warriors.

❤️ Jane