Instinct And Inner Awareness: 3 Ways To Develop Your Intuition

Intuition and instinct: how often do you allow yourself to follow yours? And what’s more, do you feel like you are connected to that internal sense of self enough that you are able to hear when it expresses a desire or impulse to you?

Many of us don’t. But that doesn’t mean we can’t cast off the layers of social and cultural conditioning that tell us it’s not ok to trust ourselves or to follow our own instincts and curiosity. Reclaiming our intuitive selves requires reconnection and re-embodiment; it’s a process of following our own impulses, of understanding our own boundaries and recognizing that being with our horses and engaging in life is not a pass/fail test.

Working together with our horses takes us through a master thesis of developing feel and inner knowing. Our society and educational system values and applauds rational and logical thought above all else, and as a consequence, we have an overdeveloped thinking mind and have left our emotional and instinctual bodies depleted and dehydrated. Our horses- if we allow them too- pull us out of that space and ask that we reconnect to a much lesser understood but equally valuable part of ourselves that is generated both from within and through tapping into a bigger, universal pool of intelligence that’s available to everyone.

In this episode, we explore how you can reignite the flame of your intuition by paying attention to three areas of focus; your curiosity, your boundaries, and free, organic movement.

You can tune in to the episode here:

I hope you enjoy it!