Who Get’s To Decide If You’re Good Enough?

Who gets to decide?

Who gets to decide if Jane Pike is good enough as a horse person?

Good enough full stop?

Who gets to decide if Jane Pike’s dreams are valid?

Who gets to decide if Jane Pike is worthy of being a coach?

Who gets to decide if it’s too much, too little or just right?

Who gets to decide that you get another chance?

That you are a worthy competitor, should give that thing you want to do a shot, that your opinions and thoughts are worthy of a public voice?

Who have you given that decision to?

Because most of everyone I talk to has given that decision to someone.

To who, many of us have no idea.

So if you are wondering am I a good enough this that or the other…

… what I want to know is, who gets to decide whether Sarah, Jodie, Kathy, **insert your name here** IS good enough?

Who gets to decide that?

And at what point did you decide to listen to them?

❤️ Jane