Day Two Syndrome: Breaking Through Patterns of Resistance

Patterns! We all have them, we all repeat them and most of us don’t use them to our advantage. I’m always saying that if you have a pattern of behavior or experience that’s coming up for you time and time again, then what you essentially have is a crystal ball… you can predict the future in advance! And that means that you can get to thinking about how it is you would like things to go and dedicate yourself to actioning a solution.

This episode is a storytime one where I take you through my most recent clinic experience and identify a pattern in myself that I have since called Day Two Syndrome.

Day Two Syndrome goes something like this:

1. I have a 3 Day Clinic
2. On Day 2, I come up against an internal feeling (resistance) that’s familiar to me
3. Post-ride I feel something that I call positive or construction frustration where I know that I had the ability to do better than I did (not in an Itty Bitty Shitty Committee way, but in a fair analysis way)
4. I go in for Day 3 ready to bust out of those comfort zone blocks and step up to the plate (cue all of the home run metaphors)

I’ve been three Day Two Syndrome on the last couple of clinics I’ve been to and as a consequence, have put a plan in place that I believe will allow me to not only recognize the process sooner but navigate it more easefully and skillfully when it does.

And what’s more, I’d love to hear about any patterns you might be stuck in and how you can initiate your own Day Two Syndrome remedy also!

Happy Listening!

❤️ Jane

What’s The Best That Can Happen?

Yesterday, I was sitting on the mounting block in the middle of the arena deciding whether or not I would ride.

Truth be told, I was feeling kinda ick. My nerves were frayed around the edges- not from anything sinister, just too many late nights working which caught up with me that morning.

I had worked Dee in hand and on the ground and was musing whether or not to call it a day. The decision wasn’t stemming from any “can’t be bothered-ness” or “I don’t want to-ness” but genuine consideration about whether my headspace was such that I could bring my best self to the saddle.

Out of the blue, a voice popped into my head: What’s the best that can happen?

‘The best that can happen?’ I replied to myself, grinning slightly. ‘Don’t people usually ask what’s the worst that can happen?’

The thing was, a couple of weeks ago I’d felt a similar wave of bleurgh. Motivated by a clinic coming up that following weekend, I’d hauled ass out to the arena and jumped on for what turned out to be one of my best rides to date.

That ride now safely nestled in the success files of my brain, when the chips were down this day, it was there to remind me.

Not, what if everything goes wrong, but what if this is your sliding doors moment to your best ride to date?

And that, wonderful peoples, is what showing up does.

When you least expect it, it begins to ask, what’s the best that can happen?

And then you pull your hat on and ride.


❤️ Jane