Resistance & Acceptance

Resistance is a natural strengthening mechanism. The specifics of what and how it strengthens can work for and against you.
For instance, resistance combined with poor alignment places stress on areas of the body not designed to carry a load. If you lift a weight without paying attention to how you lift the weight, the resulting effort creates strain on the areas meant to be strengthened, and those designed to be targeted remain ineffectual.
The tendons and support muscles can be played like guitar strings, while those designed to bear weight remain weak.
In horses, if we seek a frame or body position that is not the product of healthy functioning and balance, increased resistance is often the method that’s resorted to. We tie this down, hold this in, use a stronger this, that or the other.
The body becomes segmented into front, middle and back. The under muscles strengthen when the goal is the topline. We sacrifice function for our skewed vision of form.
Emotional resistance works the same way. Anything we resist becomes stronger. Resist anxiety, fear, upset, anger or concern and it does not go away. Instead, the load is carried by the parts of ourselves not designed to deal with it and the messages become stronger, even if we refuse to listen.
I feel unwell. My stomach hurts. Why am I so tired?
What we resist strengthens. What we allow flows.
Resistance is necessary and welcome. It creates the crucial friction needed for strength, physically, mentally and spiritually.
It is, however, indiscriminate.
Physically, we must be specific with how and why we apply or use resistance, so it strengthens the areas capable of carrying the load.
Emotionally, we need to ensure that resistance doesn’t strengthen what in essence needs to be accepted, acknowledged and skillfully worked with in order that it be allowed to move through.
❤️ Jane