Are you ruled by the mood of the moment?

Oh yes, the old mood of the moment. How many of us have set a goal or an intention to work with our horses towards a specific end only to wake up the next day and well, not really feel like it? The lure of “I’ll do it tomorrow” is ever-present and at times, very appealing, especially when it comes to establishing new habits or patterns of behavior.

Tomorrow is a far more attractive time to start!

The thing about commitment is this: when you make one, you do so from a place of positive possibility. That place understands the higher vision or dream that you have for yourself and your horse and the processes and practices necessary to engage in to get you there. The inspired, energetic zone that we allow ourselves to imagine from is real but will only endure for as long as you actively seek it out. The natural stream of energy means that motivation will naturally peak, ebb and ease. With this knowledge in mind, it’s important to honor the mood of the moment, while simultaneously being connected to the higher vision.

This is where it gets tricky (hello emotional agility!).

Honoring the mood of the moment means staying responsive to what’s presenting and leaning into it. Leaning in does not mean succumbing (not all the time anyway), but instead acknowledging and understanding the motivating question behind the emotion that you are feeling and taking action in such a way that allows you to maintain emotional flow.

It’s possible to respect and have reverence for what you feel in the moment and still act in alignment with your higher intention.

Take Tuesday for instance. I recognized that I didn’t really feel like riding. I didn’t beat myself up about it or pretend it was any different. But I did ask, what’s this all about?

The truth of it was, I was working on some new stuff, and was concerned about my ability to do a good job with it when training on my own. That fear of not potential not-good-enoughness made me defer to the easier-to-handle thought that I just wasn’t in the mood.

Leaning into the thought allowed me to recognize that and act in accordance with what I ultimately knew was important to me: to show up and ride.

Attention to the moment, action in alignment with the higher intention.

Honor the mood of the moment. Consider it and what’s behind it. Check back in with the higher vision of where you want to take things.


❤️ Jane