✏️ 3/ 25 Notes To Self: An Advent Calendar of Self-Reflection 🌷 ✍️ On Moving For Joy

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Moving has become your anti-freeze practice. I mean, granted, you’ve always moved. For years you’ve done yoga and walked and run and been diligent about staying active. But this kind of moving is different. It’s not prescriptive, predictable, formulaic, in the way it once was.
This is the type of movement where you are teaching your body- everything actually- that it’s ok to take up space.
Where you have reintroduced play and curiosity and breathed into the statement, “ I wonder what would happen if…”
You’ve gathered information about your mind through the way you have allowed yourself to move your body.
You remember from a long time back that you always had the urge to dance, but you never really let yourself. Your heart always danced but you met a concrete wall in your body, that gave rise to the mind-talk that made you recoil with self-consciousness and keep yourself very contained and together.
Now, your body is leading the show. You have begun to soften the edges of your resistance. Become a pleasure activist. You don’t need to move as a fixed structure anymore but as a dynamic unit.
And what’s more, we can see just how much your capacity has increased. How your body can hold the dancing energy of your horses with far greater ease and enjoyment.
It’s addictive in the best possible way. When you start to free up your body, it becomes a divining rod for possibility. You don’t have to be good, because everything is nothing more than an experiment.
You’ve let yourself step on the dance floor and for the first time, you can see the rest of you eagerly playing catch-ups to the experiences your heart has always known.
❤️ Jane
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