You Can Move Your Body Quickly & Slow Your Inner World At The Same Time

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You know something? You can move your body quickly but slow your inner world down at the same time. Being able to move in power but stay in conscious relationship to ourselves and our horses requires this of us.


Much of the movement work I’m exploring of late is all about creating a felt sense of what activation and energy feels like in our body- where it sits, how that informs us, what we feel compelled to do when we are operating from a place of activation – as well as what it feels like to ride that wave back down to baseline. The synergistic process of activation and settling.


Being aware of both of these is vital if we are to engage in the work of increasing our capacity to hold bigger energies and experiences with our horses without being thrown off centre or feeling physically or energetically displaced by the momentum.


Your body as a container for the power. Your energetic and internal world operating from the settling.


Stillness within the vortex.




❤️ Jane


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