Watch Out For Niggly Backburner Worms

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Last week, I sat down and I made a list of all the things that I had to do that had been sitting on the backburner for a while. These things had found their way to the backburner list simply because of their lack of urgency. Sure, they needed to be done, but there were many (many) things in front of them that required my attention first, and consequently, they found themselves occupying a corner in the far recesses of my brain space.

And herein lies the catch. Whilst those pesky little critters might not be sitting in the forefront of my brain, they were still IN my brain, and I found myself wasting energy constantly reminding myself not to forget about them (there’s a paradox in there I know!). So, on Monday, I plonked myself at my desk and I caught up on all-the-things-wot-are-not-urgent-but-are-zapping-my-energy-with-their-existence. And I felt liberated! Like, there literally felt like there was more physical space in my head, such was my euphoria.

So this is a note to self as much as it is a note to you if you find yourself in similar circumstances:

Make time to catch up on the niggly bits. Over time, they become brain worms that take up much more space than they are owed.

Ain’t no-one got time for that.


❤️ Jane

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