Celebrating The Big Little Things

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Of all the reasons that we fail to celebrate the little markers of progress with our horses, otherwise known as the Big Little Things, comparisonitis surely tops the list. Even if we do experience the flash of joy that comes with expanding your courage muscle, it’s very easy to see it crumble into dust under the brutal lens of comparison.

“This isn’t really a big deal,” we might tell ourselves. “People do WAY more than this all the time. It’s silly to celebrate something that is so clearly nothing.”

Let’s back the truck up for a second. The thing is, there is always going to be something or someone you can compare yourself to. If you use that for inspiration, fantastic. That’s a healthy use of comparison that adds value to your journey and highlights what it is you would like for yourself.

If comparison is used for denigration or diminishment, however, then we need to check ourselves at the gate.

Is this a big deal to you?

Is this important to you?

Does this feel good to you?

Then, my friend, you have just found yourself in the midst of a Big Little Thing, and that is very much worthy of celebration.



❤️ Jane

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