Thawing Out The Freeze

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Gentle wiggling I hear you say? What’s that all about?

Well, let’s start by getting a better understanding of what freeze is. Freeze is the term we use when our nervous system feels overwhelmed and we lose the capacity to mobilise our body. If you can bring to mind the whole “deer in the headlights” vision, that’s what we are talking about when we are talking about freeze; the body is tight, you’re on high alert and your entire being is oriented towards what you perceive to be the threat.

What we understand about freeze is there is a huge amount of energy coursing beneath the surface. You might appear still, but really you are anything but; you are heart racing, blood pumping, thoughts spinning. If you could hit the button that said “get me the h*ll out of here” at that point, you would punch it for all you were worth- if only you could convince yourself to do so.

The things is, being in freeze is like having your foot stuck on the accelerator and brake at the same time; you’re desperate to move but that’s met with an overriding desire to keep very still; the energy feels too much, like any movement in any direction feels like you are going to blow.

When we are working to come out of states of chronic freeze or where we default to a freeze state easily, we need to work slowly and with great tenderness. We need to soften the edges of our freeze state enough that we can process and integrate the energy lying beneath, but not lift the lid so much that it causes us to blow a fuse.

Gently wiggling, thawing, and unfreezing the edges of our resistance, coming back to our body and the space around us, and drawing on resources that allow us to create a feeling of “I’ve got this” in our hearts and mind.


❤️ Jane

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