Slower, Stay With It, A Little Bit Less

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🌷 Slower:

Give yourself a chance to rest in the pause.

Notice the difference between the activation that comes with building of energy inside you and become attuned to the settling also; the natural dissipation and release that is a part of the same cycle.

Notice the space between.

🌷 Stay with it:

If you feel energy building within- out of concern, worry or enthusiasm and excitement- stay with it.

Stay connected to your body and the environment around you.

Draw on resources to keep you centred and grounded.

Don’t abandon yourself.

Be here now, and if “here” feels too much…

🌷 A little bit less:

Drop it back.

Notice what it feels like as you start to reach threshold,

And give yourself the chance to come back before you cross the line.

It’s happening

🌷 All in the right time:

The unfolding of layers, the integration of stresses and energies from the past are allowed to emerge when our resources outweigh our stresses

And the container of support exists around us that allows us to feel that it’s safe to welcome and process experiences that may not have been welcomed previously.


❤️ Jane

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