Showing Up Is Your EveryDay SuperPower

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Here’s the thing…

We can never guarantee the outcome of anything.

We can’t even be sure that the time we do put in is going to yield positive results.

That’s not just true of our horsing life. It’s true of life full stop.

Many of us try to do or achieve more by packing more into a day, hour, minute, but despite that, there’s an epidemic of dissatisfaction because we either aren’t taking the time to do the things that are really important to us or we are just not doing what we say we will.

Being ProcrastoBusy is a great example of this: Filling your day up with stuff to avoid doing things that are important to you but you are putting off for one reason or another.

Being unintentional with your time: Getting busy being busy and then looking back at the end of the week and wondering what you actually did that felt like it contributed to life in a meaningful way.

Which leads me back to the SuperPower of Showing Up.

I know that every time I get on to ride that I’m not guaranteed a “great ride”.

I know that today might not be the day where we the things that I aspire to come together, or where I have a creative solution to a challenge, or that I feel confident or brave without having to think about it.

What I DO know is that if I don’t put myself in a position to make that happen- be that in the arena, on the trail, in the yards, at my desk watch that training video- then the only thing I DO guarantee is that it’s not going to happen.

Showing up creates the conditions for learning, growth, and progress to occur.

NOT showing up will leave you stuck with an aspiration or desire in your head, but not in your lived experience

Which is why, once again… showing up is your everyday superpower.


❤️ Jane

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