Riding The Growth Edge: What To Do When You Reach A Stuck Point

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Stuck points! We all experience them, we all understand them as part of the learning process but what we also know is there’s a big difference between reaching a blip point and feeling like you’re continually running up against the same brick wall day in and day out.

And what’s more, if we do find ourselves stuck in a pattern of behavior without the context of understanding how our nervous system operates, it’s very easy to start to internalize experiences as personal flaws or weaknesses, rather than direct expressions of our capacity and our body and minds best attempt to keep us safe.

In this episode, we discuss how it is you can move beyond a stuck point in your riding or training and how it is we can begin to understand our responses and resource ourselves to better deal with challenging or uncomfortable circumstances that habitually send us into flight, fight, freeze or shutdown.

We look at:

  • The hallmarks of traumatic stress and the common default responses that occur when we are extended out of our zone of “I’ve Got This”
  • How showing up is your superpower (and why the key to it involves living with less perfection)
  • The “dead zone” of awareness and the path between “I’m ok” and “I’m really not ok!”
  • Looking out for your own calming signals (as well as those of your horse)
  • Parsing about habitual responses to better understand when to keep going and when to drop it back


Happy listening!

❤️ Jane

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