Predictability Of Behaviour Is Always A Product Of The Survival Nervous System

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If you’ve ever found yourself being able to tell the future in advance, what you are essentially highlighting are your own sympathetic or survival nervous system patterns.

Things like:

When my horse does ‘x’ (raises their energy, spooks, wants to go back to his friends) I do ‘y’ (freeze up, get anxious, just want to get off)


Every time ‘a’ happens (book in for a clinic, am asked to go for a group ride, notice someone watching me riding) I find myself doing ‘b’ (pulling out at the last minute, saying yes when I mean no, overthink, and forget what I’m doing)

When you can predict with a certain degree of reliability how things are going to roll, what is being activated is a survival system reflex rather than a parasympathetic response.

In the parasympathetic system, we are responding to the reality of the moment in front of us; and because each moment is different, our behavioural responses are different also (and consequently can’t be predicted).

If you are finding yourself in ground hog day scenarios that you can’t seem to step out of, what you’re experiencing is your dominant survival nervous system pattern in response to a particular trigger.

Developing the means and awareness to shift from the sympathetic to parasympathetic is vital when it comes to create behavioural change of any sort and stepping out of modes of functioning that see you stuck on a loop.

Predictability of behaviour is always a product of the survival nervous system.


❤️ Jane

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