One Of Those Days

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The other day was one of Those Days.

Those Days are tricky because they often sneak up on you. You can even have a streak when you think that Those Days are behind you, that they’re over.

And then all at once you wake up, and a familiar feeling descends, and that’s when you know.

Oh, you think to yourself, it’s one of Those Days.

What Those Days look like varies from person to person.

Those Days might be days where you feel anxious.

Those Days might be when you feel unproductive and procrastinate-ey.

Those Days might be when you feel heavy and everything feels overwhelming.

In the past, I used to look at Those Days and let them swallow me. I used to worry that Those Days were the predictor of Every Other Day and that this was it. This was my lot now.

I know not to let Those Days trick me anymore. Those Days aren’t predictors of the future. Those Days don’t have special meaning.

Those Days are just an expression of what is in the moment. I don’t need to add to it or make a story around it. I don’t need to fear it or feel concerned about it. I can just feel how it is to be having One Of Those Days and let myself have One Of Those Days.

And the thing is, the less you fight against Those Days. The less you resist them or exaggerate them, the quicker you realise that Those Days have their place in the natural order of things, along with the yesterdays, tomorrows, and the really very good days.


❤️ Jane

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