Olivia Towers: On Mindset, Dressage & Being Enough

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Olivia Towers is in the house! Olivia is so many things (all good I might add), but amongst her many talents, she is a Grand Prix Dressage Rider, entrepreneur, Vlogger, and blogger with a passion for mindset and really getting the best out of yourself.

I’ve talked to Olivia before on her podcast a little while back, so it was super fun to get to switch seats and be the one asking the questions! Aside from the obvious bonding point that we both have a horse named Sausage #sistersforlife, Olivia and I chatter about

⭐️ Her journey from self-doubt and anxiety to diving into the world of mindset and self-development

⭐️ How she uses her social media platforms to show both sides of her equestrian journey, and be “the voice of real-ness”

⭐️ Her competitive aspirations and path with her own horses

I hope you enjoy it!


You can find Olivia on the links below!





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