No Big Deal-Ness

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Us lot are really very good at making a big deal out of things. We love to inflate, exaggerate and think about what things mean, even if at the base of it it’s really well, no big deal.

I play with and use the words “no big deal” a lot when I’m working with my horses or so and have found them to be excellent stabilizers.

When Dee has rockets under his trotters and feels the need to rush forward, I gently turn him and ask for a bend in his body. No big deal, I tell him and feel my body stay relaxed.

When I ask for something new that creates a little brace and resistance, it’s no big deal, I repeat, and let my hands stay gentle.

If I feel myself getting uptight or apprehensive, it’s no big deal, I whisper under my breath, just scale it back for a moment. I feel the tension in my seat release.

It’s no big deal does not mean not paying attention or glossing over the obvious. Instead, it’s a release valve in moments of tension when you feel the first stage in what could become a big deal and instead, you choose to meet it with an air of no-big-deal-ness.

It’s no big deal. Soften. Settle. Diffuse. Repeat.

❤️ Jane

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