Tools, skills and guidance to be kind with your mind and communicate from the heart.

A 1-Day online course with Kerri Lake and Jane Pike.

Time: February 29, 2020, begins at 10:00 AM PST (GMT -8)

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All participants will receive recordings of the clinic and the chance to pre-submit questions. 

Join us for this unique opportunity to work with two people at the leading edge of self-awareness in the equestrian world and beyond.

Jane Pike is the creator of The Confident Rider. She is a passionate horse person, unshakeable optimist, coach, and writer, dedicated to helping you live a brave, connected and enriching life with your horse and beyond.

Kerri Lake is a person with innate gifts of intuitive awareness and communication. She lives in a constant study of her own life to be able to offer her tools, clarity, awareness and guidance in the most simple and pragmatic way possible.

Together, we will share with you an unparalleled integration of mental and intuitive clarity and skill that you can apply immediately in your relationship with both horses and humans.

We understand the perils of time zones! Please do your best to be with us live for each of the sessions, but if you can’t, then show up when it works for your time zone. All participants will receive recordings of the sessions, including the follow-up Q&A offered a few days later in the week.

This is a totally unique 1-day online “clinic”, with a follow-up Q&A session the following week.

Here’s how the day will go:
10:00am PST – We begin!

 10am – 12pm

After an introduction and welcome to all our participants, you’ll hear Jane and Kerri speak a bit about the foundation of what they will offer you. Some of the information will feel brand new to participants, and for others, it will “fill in the gaps” of what you have already learned or know intuitively. For many, this may feel like re-organizing what you already know or experience.

You’ll receive perspectives and awareness, as well as a tool called “Mind, Watch The Body” to set you up for our afternoon session .

1:00pm – 4:00pm

Our mid-day session will be where the rubber hits the road! Once you have an initial foundation from the morning session, we will provide you with scenarios, discussion and exercises that you can take out to your horse (and/or the people in your life) and apply immediately. Jane and Kerri provide you with actual experience of self-awareness in-session, so when you step out into your familiar surroundings, you’ll have new skills to play with.

We’ll take breaks periodically through the session, and there will be plenty of time for questions and discussion.

After the mid-day session, you’ll have time to go play with the tools and get some experience of your own to bring back to our evening session of Q&A and discussion.


The evening session is all about discussion, questions and guidance for what you’ve experienced during the day.

Our number 1 priority is to provide you with pragmatic, real tools and guidance that you can apply immediately with a good level of clarity.

Theory and analysis are great, but our shared world of awareness operates in experience, not theory. You know you are “getting it right” when you are simply willing to show up 

for the experience. Living from an open heart, being friends with the mind and creating relationships from that foundation isn’t about accomplishment, it’s about presence. Showing up is what’s important. Having skills to navigate the experience is priceless.

Thursday, March 5th at 6:00pm PST (GMT -8)

We meet again online to hear about your experience with your new tools and awareness, answer your questions and offer more real and pragmatic guidance. This is your time to ask your questions live, fine-tune what you’ve learned and listen to everyone’s experiences.

In this course, there is no such thing as one person being better than another. This is a celebration of your uniqueness, sharing the experience of walking side-by-side with others as they celebrate their uniqueness too. The horses love feeling when we are true to our hearts, and the truth is…so do people. With greater skills, guidance and intuitive confidence, we learn together to navigate misunderstanding, misinterpretation and emotional weather so we can walk as an unshakable presence of love.