An Intuitive Guide To Planning & Goal Setting Without The Pressure

Imagine letting go of all the shoulds, have-to’s, goal shame and goal panic (it’s definitely a thing) and making a plan for you and your horse that feels good to you.

Or experiencing the sense of progress that comes with consistently showing up for your horse (and for the things that are important to you).

Or even knowing how to take the aspirations that you have for you and your horse and translate them into practical steps that create traction and are actually doable (without the heaviness and the pressure).   

That’s totally possible for you. And how do I know?

Because those are real-life results both myself and the riders I’ve worked with have experienced once we let go of any formulaic, pre-designed (and frankly rigid) rules about what goal setting “is” and should look like and instead combined nervous system understanding with intuitive practices to create a plan that was creative, adaptable and took into account what really mattered to us.

The other thing? I’ve learned and followed all of the predictable goal setting practices that are out there. I’ve bought the planners and I’ve sat down at the start of the year and mapped out what it was going to look like for me and my horse. They didn’t work for me and I know they also don’t work for the majority of riders I work with.

Life with horses is an inevitable wave of ups and downs. In order to be a sustainable presence and consistently show up, we need to look beyond the goal setting practices currently on offer and instead work in a way that honours the position we find ourselves in and sees us draw on ways of moving forward that are adaptive, intuitive and allow to effectively meet the moment in whatever capacity that requires of us.

What makes this special?

This is not a session that’s going to guides you through traditional goal setting practices that you no doubt already know and are familiar with. This is a session that combines nervous system awareness with intuitive understandings to allow you to create a framework for living and riding that’s adaptable, flexible and full of the essence of what’s important to you.

Sounds just like the thing you needed to get some momentum happening? Then I have just the thing for you!


Goals, Horses & The Nervous System

Goals, Horses & The Nervous System is an in-depth course covering everything you need to know to create an intuitive plan for you and your horse without the pressure.

You’ll Learn:

  • How your nervous system is influencing your ability to plan, your planning style and your capacity to vision and dream ahead (without falling into the hole of the what if’s or worst case scenarios)
  • My non-planning planning approach to create a way of moving forward that’s sustainable, doable and honours what’s important to you and your horse
  • Practices and processes that allow you to tune into yourself, increase your self-trust and give you the courage to follow what feels good

But most importantly, you’ll learn how to let go of generic practices of goal setting that create the endless round of not-good-enough thoughts and experiences and finally create a way of going about things that really feels good to you.

The Finer Details...

What? Goals, Horses and The Nervous System – 3.5 hours of comprehensive video, audio and workbook content teaching you how to create a plan, set goals and move towards them without the pressure. 

Who it with? Me 👋 I’m Jane Pike and I’m a mindset, movement and nervous system coach who have used the exact processes I’m going to teach you in this training to free myself from goal setting practices that didn’t work for me. Now, I’ve bottled up everything I know about embodied goal setting and planning in this in-depth training so you too can drop the shackles of the traditional approach, tune back in and follow what feels good (for the sake of you and your horse)

  • Everything you need to know to create an intuitive plan without the pressure for you and your horse
  • 3.5 hours of comprehensive video & audio training
  • Lifetime access to the course


Starting January 18, 2021, I’ll be running a live round of Goals, Horses & The Nervous System.

You’ll be invited to a pop-up Facebook group with weekly Live Q&A sessions and all the support you need to make a non-pressurised, non-planning plan for you and your horse.

Ready to tap into your intuition, creativity and follow what feels good?

Join Goals, Horses & The Nervous System and discover everything you need to create a plan for you and your horse without the pressure.

Goals, Horses & The Nervous System is perfect for you if…

  • Have tried the traditional goal setting practices in the past and feel like they really don’t work for you (or even have had trouble thinking of goals in the first place)
  • Are interested in an embodied approach to goal setting that sees intuition, emotional intelligence and following what feels good as an integral part of the process
  • Want to live and ride more creatively and compassionately

On the other hand, you might want to skip this if…

  • You want a bullet point, bullet proof plan of how to get from A to B with your horse
  • You’re interested in results and not so much how you go about getting them
  • Love the traditional goal setting models
  • The word “intuition” makes you screw your nose up and feels faffy to you

Ready to make it happen together?

Join Goals, Horses & The Nervous System and discover everything you need to create an intuitive plan for you and your horse without the pressure (and come join me for the Live Round beginning January 18!)


Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re really attached to fixed goals and a plan laid out for the next 12 months, then my style might not be your jive. I’m really interested in creating and cultivating adaptive practices that allow us to develop a fluid and intuitive planning style that meets the moment and takes into account everything that’s important to us.

This is an adventure of creative possibility; of understanding how you tick, what’s important to you, and how to use those understandings to create a way forward that naturally creates traction and enthusiasm.  

The training itself will take around 90 minutes, followed by a Q&A session but allow up to two hours if you can- I’ll be sticking around for as long as it takes to cover the material and answer any questions that comes up.

Plus, the principles we cover together you’ll be able to instantly apply without too much heavy lifting. And you won’t need to put extra hours aside after to make it all work- life is full already. We need approaches that work for us and with us.


Once you’re signed up, you have instant and lifetime access to the course, so you can watch it as and when it works for you. 

You also have a free pass to join me for the live round beginning January 18, 2021!

Great! You can send me a voicemail message by hitting the “Leave Message” button on the right hand side of the screen, or email me

Want to sign up?

Join Goals, Horses & The Nervous System and discover everything you need to creative an intuitive plan for moving forward with your horse, without the rules or the pressure.